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​203 E. Glendale St. 
  P.O. Box 1374  
Dillon, MT 59725
 (Cell) 334-332-3222 
Mary MacTavish~~Music Minister 

Born in Seattle, Washington, I've been playing keys since I was 4 years old. I was accepted at the University of Tulsa (in Tulsa, OK) for a Bachelor's degree in piano performance and composition (with a minor in voice). During college, I performed regularly with small groups around Tulsa and I also taught piano and voice lessons. I performed recital music for the tap & ballet students at a local dance studio. After college, I put together an all girl disco band and played the resort tour, performing in more than ten states. (That's show business!) I met Don, my husband, in 2000. Don was raised in Butte, and when he retired, he suggested we move to Dillon. We both love it here and I am glad to have the opportunity to express my love of music each Sunday.
The Vestry of St. James  -  2020

Lee Graves, Senior Warden & Ministry Coordinator
Ellen Daugherty, Vestry Member & Office Coordinator
Dorothy DeHart, Vestry Member & Clerk of the Vestry
Jodie Jolly, Vestry Member
Alyce Wassall, Vestry Member
Dr. Brent Kirkpatrick, Vestry Member

The Staff  -  2020

Kay Roach, Parish Treasurer
Stephanie Vinson, Publications Editor
Jane Howard, Altar Guild President
Kathryn Hatch, Music Coordinator

The Reverend Steve DeHart, Deacon. 

Deacon Steve is an incredibly gifted individual with an extensive educational background who was recently ordained as a Vocational Deacon. Steve was a high school teacher and following that spent many years as a Psychotherapist. Steve serves God in many ways in the community of Dillon. Besides Steve's work in the church he volunteers at the Women's Resource center weekly, with Sr. Citizens and facilitates and after school program. 

Steve and his wife Dorothy have been in Dillon for many years.
The Reverend Dr. Wells Warren​

Father Well is the new Rector of Saint James Episcopal Church in Dillon MT.  Wells and Leigh, his wife of 41 years, came to Sant James from the Diocese of Alabama, where Wells served as the Priest of St. Dunstan's, the Episcopal Church at Auburn University, and the Chaplain.  He also served part-time as the Priest for several small parishes over the 20 years.